The Spotlight Awaits You


Yes, I mean YOU. The spotlight awaits you and your story. “used tissue” in a gift? Don’t you want to see THAT performance? Four audience members have braved the stage/audience divide and offered terrific ideas for stories/solo performances. But there’s more stories to tell. I know it. Listen, once upon a time, I was right there with you. But if I can tell a story out of hair, then you can tell a story out of something too. And don’t you want to join the four who have started us off? I know it is a busy time of year and a busy time of the week (Sunday into Monday is THE worst, surely, since everyone has to prepare for a week of work or a week of school or a week of….). But throw caution to the wind and try anyway. Maybe think about a story while standing on line or while waiting at a traffic light or instead of scrolling through whatever feed is your current favorite.

It only takes a word to start things off. My word was manifesto and I was off. One audience member needed two words, “used tissue.” And don’t those two words just beg to be turned into a prop? The tissue could start out small and become bigger and bigger and bigger as the story unfolds. Or perhaps it might start huge and then get smaller and smaller. It would all depend upon where the storyteller took the story. Still another audience member needed not so much a word as a setting and just imagine what you could do on the stage with moonlight, moth wings and snow fields. And a third audience member went for neither word nor setting, but rather conflict, whether the conflict between characters and author or between logic and fear. Wouldn’t it be cool to see and hear that debate between the intense interior Fear and the quiet exterior Logic? And a fourth audience member did something else entirely, creating a structure that demands choices from its performer that would make the storytelling both difficult (so little time and so many memories from which to choose) and fun (so little time and so many memories from which to choose).

What word, words, setting, conflict, challenge do you need to start your story/performance? I want YOU in that spotlight!

We’re waiting…


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