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On this Nor’easter Friday, when it feels like prodigies and possibilities, as well as impossibilities if you’re trying to take a train in or out of the city, are all around us, I couldn’t resist sharing this email with a thank you note from Jomama Jones for two reasons: the thank you note itself, manifesting itself into a purple haze of a presence, AND that the Public is offering a discount which is actually pretty darn good, considering ticket prices these days. I love the phrase “to make and hold space for one another at this charged time” which is exactly how I felt when I was in attendance and which is a much better enticement to the show than is the disappointing NYTimes review (not because the reviewer didn’t like it, but because the reviewer entirely missed what Jones is doing thereby damning the show with faint praise). If you get to the city before March 25th, I highly recommend that you attend Blacklight if for no other reason than to experience the art of making and holding the space that contains performer and audience.

Must close March 25 | View in browser

The Public Theater

Jomama Jones, The Public, and Joe’s Pub thank you for sharing a moment with us at The Crossroads. 

To show our gratitude, we’re offering a discount code that will allow you access tickets at our special member price, from now until March 25.

We hope you’ll share it with your friends and family, so that they too can experience the magic of BLACK LIGHT.

Use the code RETURN to access $35* tickets

  1. Online at by entering RETURN in the “I have a promo code” box
  2. By phone at 212.967.7555 and giving the code to a call center representative
  3. In person at 425 Lafayette Street and using the code at the box office

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